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DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. has been specialized in providing software solutions to small and medium-sized businesses for over 35 years.

From our current office in Barendrecht, we work with a small team of well-trained and certified professionals to offer you the right software licenses and subscriptions at the most competitive prices. Our mission and vision:


DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. is a reliable and customer-oriented supplier of software licenses and subscriptions. With our extensive product knowledge and honest, open communication with our customers, we aim to provide them with trustworthy advice regarding the right software solutions.


By offering objective, reliable, and customer-centric advice, projecting reliability and convenience, reducing barriers for customers, and minimizing uncertainties, DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. aims to be recognized as the go-to Microsoft specialist that takes care of your worries, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. specializes in providing Microsoft licenses and subscriptions. With our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and various licensing programs, we can offer expert advice and deliver licenses and subscriptions tailored to your specific needs. As a Microsoft Partner, we always have extensive support from Microsoft.

In addition to Microsoft licenses, we also provide software from a wide range of other manufacturers, including Adobe, Acronis, McAfee, Symantec, and VMware. We are partners with many of these manufacturers ourselves or have established partnerships with other companies, ensuring that you can rely on us not only for Microsoft but also for all your other software licenses and subscriptions.