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DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. takes the privacy of those who visit our website seriously. We have established this privacy policy to outline the information we collect and how that information is used and stored.

By visiting this website, you acknowledge the terms stated herein. We reserve the right to modify this policy at our discretion and without notice.

What information is collected and why?

When a user visits our website, we collect non-personally identifiable information about the visit. We track information such as the domain from which the user visits and the user's browser type. We also collect specific information about the user's session on our website, including items such as the date and time of the visit and the pages viewed.

Sometimes we may ask a user to voluntarily provide personally identifiable information (PII). This information generally includes, but is not limited to, name, email address, postal address, and telephone number. We request this information when the user requests any of the following:

  • Registering to attend an online seminar or demonstration

  • Receiving specific information from us, such as a whitepaper or code sample

  • Subscribing to a mailing list

  • Corresponding with us

  • Any other similar activity that we deem necessary

DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. does not collect personally identifiable financial or health-related information. We do not intentionally collect information from children under the age of 13.

How is the information used?

Non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) is collected to enable us to analyze how our website is used and improve the content and service of the website.

Personally identifiable information is collected for analysis to improve the content of the website and the services we provide to the user.

DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. is the owner of the collected information and will not sell, trade, or rent the information to others. We may use the information to continue engaging with the user. This may include contact such as follow-up calls, email correspondence, or email newsletters to follow up with the contact or provide marketing information about promotions, new services, or significant changes to the website. DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. may share this information with its business partners for the specific purpose of a promotional or service offering.

Are cookies or similar techniques used on this website?

Our website exclusively uses functional cookies and analytical cookies that do not impact the privacy of visitors. Other cookie-like techniques are not applied on this website.

Functional cookies are essential for the proper functioning of this website. Without functional cookies, it would not be possible, for example, to log in or add products to the shopping cart.

Analytical cookies help us improve the website. For instance, they provide insights into which pages are frequently viewed or need improvement. We use Google Analytics cookies for this purpose. To safeguard visitor privacy:

  • we have entered into a data processing agreement with Google;

  • the last octet of each IP address is masked.

  • no data is shared with Google;

  • we do not use other Google services in conjunction with Google Analytics cookies.

Since the use of cookies on this website is limited and does not impact visitor privacy, we are not obligated to inform or request consent from website visitors in advance.

How is personally identifiable information secured?

DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. utilizes industry-standard methods and mechanisms, such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and passwords, to safeguard electronic information. Multiple physical security methods are also employed, such as locking devices and 24-hour on-site monitoring. Access to PII is restricted to a small number of staff members on a need-to-know basis.

Links to other websites 

The website may contain links to other internet websites. DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. neither manages nor endorses external sites and is not responsible for the content of such sites. This policy does not cover the privacy policies and data collection procedures of these other internet websites.

How to unsubscribe from correspondence

Based on the information provided by a user, DSA ICT Services & Software B.V. may send email correspondence to the user. Each correspondence will contain a simple means to opt out of further communication.