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€ 3.65 € 3.29 3.29 EUR
Advanced security solution that forms the core of your IT defense. This all-in-one package includes three essential components: the ESET PROTECT Console, Modern Workplace Security, and File Server Security. With this powerful combination, you are guaranteed robust and proactive protection against the latest and most sophisticated threats. Minimum purchase of 5 licenses.
€ 4.75 € 4.28 4.28 EUR
ESET Protect Advanced builds upon everything from ESET Protect Entry and offers Full Disk Encryption and Advanced Threat Defense. Enhance your IT defense with advanced protection and security, including robust encryption for secure data and proactive defense against zero-day threats in an isolated cloud sandbox environment. With seamless integration into the trusted management console, you are ready to safeguard your IT environment against various threats. Minimum purchase of 5 licenses.
€ 5.84 € 5.26 5.26 EUR
ESET Protect Complete - the all-encompassing security solution, including Entry and Advanced, plus Cloud App Protection, Mail Security, and Vulnerability & Patch Management. Elevate IT security to a higher level and safeguard Microsoft 365 applications with advanced features against malware and zero-day threats. Add an extra security layer for mail servers and protect against vulnerabilities. Central management and a minimum purchase of 5 licenses.
€ 2.56 € 2.30 2.3000000000000003 EUR
Advanced and secure solution for email communication with cloud-based sandboxing. This powerful security solution provides proactive defense against targeted attacks and emerging threats such as ransomware. It protects the organization with advanced machine learning, deep behavioral analysis, and collaboration with other ESET products. Minimum purchase of 5 units.
ESET Mail Security
€ 2.19 € 1.97 1.97 EUR
The security solution specifically designed to protect email communication, the most vulnerable vector to cyber threats. It provides an additional layer of security to keep harmful threats out of the network. With advanced technologies such as anti-spam, anti-phishing, and host server security, combined with machine learning and big data, it becomes an effective email security platform. Suitable for various platforms like Microsoft Exchange Server, Linux/FreeBSD, IBM Domino, and Kerio. Minimum purchase of 5 units.
ESET Cloud Office Security
€ 2.10 € 1.89 1.8900000000000001 EUR
Advanced protection against a wide range of threats and risks when using cloud-based platforms like Microsoft 365. The solution includes protection against spam, phishing, and malware, transparent reporting, automatic protection for new users, and efficient management of quarantine objects. Additionally, proactive defense against new threats ensures safe and productive work in the Cloud. Minimum purchase of 5 units.
ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server
€ 2.19 € 1.97 1.97 EUR
The security solution for your Sharepoint Server against harmful uploads, ransomware, data leaks, and zero-day threats. With features like multi-layer protection, machine learning, and Botnet Protection, ESET ensures a high level of security. Easily managed through a centralized tool with XDR support for a stable and secure server environment. Minimum purchase of 5 units.