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Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365
€ 18.79 € 18.79 18.79 EUR
Protect your Microsoft 365 data with Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365. Easily create backups of Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. Recover quickly in case of data loss and comply with regulatory requirements. With an intuitive interface and advanced security features, your data is always safe and accessible. Trust Veeam for optimal protection of your valuable business data.
Veeam Data Platform Essentials Universal
€ 372.36 € 372.36 372.36 EUR
With Veeam Data Platform Essentials Universal, you have a powerful platform and a simple license to protect and manage all your apps and data. Choose from various platforms and applications for reliable backups, recovery options, and protection against ransomware. With flexible bundles of 5 licenses, up to a maximum of 50 workloads, and a subscription period ranging from one to five years, this affordable solution adapts to your needs. Experience data portability in the cloud and storage flexibility for optimal security of your business data.
Veeam Data Platform Foundation Universal
€ 1,226.70 € 1,226.70 1226.7 EUR
Veeam Data Platform Foundation Universal: effortlessly manage, protect, and analyze your valuable business data, wherever it may reside in the hybrid cloud. Trustworthy backups, Continuous Data Protection (CDP), and comprehensive data security to meet your recovery objectives. A single software-defined, hardware-independent solution for leading data protection across all your workloads, on-premises, and in the Cloud.
Veeam Data Platform Advanced Universal
€ 1,487.70 € 1,487.70 1487.7 EUR
All the features of Foundation Universal extended with advanced monitoring, extensive reporting capabilities, deep data analysis, and data integrity checks. Effortlessly manage, protect, and analyze valuable business data. Benefit from proactive alerts, intelligent diagnostics, and automatic recovery actions to minimize downtime and keep your data secure at all times. Simplify billing with chargeback functionality and maintain detailed insights into backup configuration changes..
Veeam Data Platform Premium Universal
€ 1,792.20 € 1,792.20 1792.2 EUR
All functionalities of the Foundation & Advanced editions, plus additional advanced capabilities. Complete control over your data management and protection with powerful features and robust data protection against threats. Orchestrated recovery and recovery to the Cloud for flexibility, along with secure access and DR control. Simple and effective recovery process with automatic DR documentation and the option for API integration.