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Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 Standard
€ 5,427.00 € 5,047.11
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 Standard is the comprehensive BPM and SOA solution specifically designed for medium-sized businesses or departments. It provides seamless connectivity between enterprise systems, automation of complex business processes, and integration management. With intuitive development tools, adapters for various technologies, and advanced security and monitoring capabilities, BizTalk Server enhances the efficiency and interoperability of your organization.
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 Enterprise
€ 23,675.00 € 22,017.75
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 Enterprise is an advanced BPM and SOA platform that is ideal for large, corporate organizations. It offers powerful features for automating complex business processes and efficient integration of enterprise systems. With extensive connectivity options, monitoring, and unlimited scalability, BizTalk Server ensures maximum reliability and performance. The flexible licensing model and the ability to upgrade to Enterprise Core licenses provide future-proofing and growth opportunities.
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 Branch
€ 1,353.00 € 1,258.29
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 Branch is a powerful integration platform suitable for both small and large businesses, enabling seamless connections between systems and applications. It automates business processes, streamlines data exchange, and facilitates communication between systems. With comprehensive monitoring and management tools, you can monitor and optimize integration processes. BizTalk Server Branch is specifically designed for hub-and-spoke scenarios (in combination with BizTalk Server Enterprise), providing a flexible and scalable solution for advanced integration needs.