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Microsoft Power Automate Premium
€ 14.00 € 11.48
Microsoft Power Automate Premium is a subscription that enables individual users to create unlimited flows for API automation and automation of legacy applications using desktop flows through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). With this plan, you can also run an attended RPA bot on your workstation.
Microsoft Power Automate per user plan
€ 14.00 € 11.48
Discover the capabilities of Microsoft Power Automate per user plan. Create and execute automated workflows and business processes. Simplify your work and increase efficiency. Let technology work for you with this powerful automation tool!
Microsoft Power Automate per business process plan
€ 93.60 € 76.75
Microsoft Power Automate per flow plan allows organizations to automate critical business processes with Power Automate without requiring individual user licensing. Create and manage workflows to increase efficiency and productivity with this plan. Save time and effort by utilizing the various automation capabilities offered by this plan.
Microsoft Power Automate unattended RPA add-on
€ 140.40 € 115.13
Microsoft Power Automate unattended RPA add-on - Expand automation with Power Automate using autonomous bots (independent of users) with the Microsoft Power Automate unattended RPA add-on. This add-on provides the ability to automate tasks and delegate them to independent bots.