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Microsoft SharePoint Online Plan 1
€ 4.70 € 4.09
Microsoft SharePoint Plan 1 - comprehensive platform for collaboration and information management. With SharePoint Plan 1, you can easily create teamsites, share files with external users, manage content, set access rights, automate SharePoint workflows, and leverage powerful search capabilities. This subscription is specifically for individual users and includes all the features of OneDrive for Business Plan 1.
Microsoft SharePoint Online Plan 2
€ 9.40 € 8.18
Microsoft SharePoint Plan 2 provides you with all the functionality of SharePoint Plan 1. It includes Enterprise Search, E-discovery, ACM, compliance, Excel Services, Visio Services, and InfoPath Forms Services. Additionally, you can use Business Connectivity Services to make external data sources available in SharePoint.
Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Management Plan 1
€ 2.80 € 2.44
Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Management Plan 1 (now part of SharePoint Premium) is a powerful add-on that can help you manage and govern SharePoint and OneDrive, and enhance Microsoft 365 secure collaboration capabilities. It provides advanced access policies for secure content collaboration, data access governance reports for SharePoint sites, conditional access policy for SharePoint sites and OneDrive, and advanced sites content lifecycle management.
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019
€ 8,006.00 € 7,445.58
With Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019, you can work quickly, reliably, and securely as a team anywhere, anytime. It is a modern platform for shared access, interaction, and collaboration.
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Standard CAL
€ 145.00 € 134.85
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Standard CALs provide access to the basic functionality of SharePoint Server 2019 and are typically required for each user or device using it. These CALs are available per user or per device. SharePoint Server 2019 Standard CALs can also be used with previous versions such as SharePoint Server 2016. They are also included in the Core CAL Suite and Enterprise CAL Suite.
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Enterprise CAL
€ 128.00 € 119.04
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Enterprise CAL's are additional CALs that, in combination with SharePoint Server 2019 Standard CALs, grant access to the full functionality of SharePoint Server 2019.