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Microsoft Viva Suite
€ 11.20 € 9.74 9.74 EUR
Microsoft Viva Suite is a comprehensive suite with functionality from Viva Connections, Viva Engage, Viva Goals, Viva Learning, Viva Insights, and Viva Topics. It enables you to connect, gain knowledge, find information, and obtain insights. It is fully integrated into Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Viva Goals
€ 5.60 € 5.38 5.38 EUR
Microsoft Viva Goals helps you and your team connect daily work to the organization's priorities, keeping you engaged and achieving business results. It unites teams around the mission and goals of the organization and drives business outcomes.
Microsoft Viva Learning
€ 3.70 € 3.22 3.22 EUR
Microsoft Viva Learning - a centralized learning hub in Microsoft Teams that enables employees to seamlessly integrate learning and skill development into their day. Discover, learn, share, and recommend content without leaving Teams. It is your personal learning assistant in the digital workplace.
Microsoft Viva Insights
€ 3.70 € 3.22 3.22 EUR
Microsoft Viva Insights (formerly Workplace Analytics) enhances your productivity and well-being with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations.n.
Microsoft Viva Insights Capacity
€ 4,680.30 € 4,071.86 4071.86 EUR
Microsoft Viva Insights Capacity is an add-on for Viva Insights that enables you to perform custom and advanced analyses based on capacity units. It adds 5,000 additional capacity units.
Microsoft Viva Sales
€ 37.40 € 32.54 32.54 EUR
Microsoft Viva Sales integrates with CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, allowing you to automate customer updates, share AI-based recommendations and insights, and enhance collaboration and productivity. It utilizes generative AI for automatic content creation, resulting in increased sales productivity and more time for selling.
Microsoft Viva Topics
€ 3.70 € 3.22 3.22 EUR
Microsoft Viva Topics - AI-driven solution that enables faster learning, connections, and innovation by making the knowledge and expertise of your organization easier to find and available in all Microsoft 365 apps.