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Microsoft Intune Plan 1
€ 7.50 € 6.53 6.53 EUR
Microsoft Intune Plan 1 is a cloud-based solution that allows users to easily manage mobile devices, mobile applications, and PCs. It provides a centralized management console to configure, monitor, and update Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Additionally, you can also distribute and manage mobile applications. With Intune Plan 1, you can set policies for password security and data encryption to ensure safety, no matter where you are. It is a highly useful tool that gives you complete control over your devices and data.
Microsoft Intune Plan 1 Device
€ 2.50 € 2.18 2.18 EUR
Microsoft Intune Plan 1 Device is a powerful solution that allows you, as a user, to easily manage and secure devices that are not associated with specific users. With Intune Device, you can set policies such as password requirements and data encryption to ensure security. You can distribute, update, and even remotely wipe data on these devices in case of loss or theft. Intune Device provides you with full control over these devices, no matter where you are.
Microsoft Intune Plan 1 Storage Add-on
€ 3.70 € 3.22 3.22 EUR
Microsoft Intune Plan 1 Storage Add-on - expand your online storage capacity in Intune with flexible subscriptions of 1 GB per unit, allowing you to have sufficient space to securely store your data.
Microsoft Intune Plan 2
€ 3.70 € 3.22 3.22 EUR
Microsoft Intune Plan 2 is an add-on for Microsoft Intune Plan 1 (required as an active underlying subscription) and part of Microsoft Intune Suite. It provides advanced endpoint management capabilities, including configuration of specialized devices such as augmented reality and virtual reality headsets, large smart-screen devices, and devices for meeting rooms. Additionally, it includes Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management, a lightweight VPN solution for mobile iOS and Android devices without device registration.
Microsoft Intune Suite
€ 9.40 € 8.18 8.18 EUR
The Microsoft Intune Suite is the most comprehensive cloud-based Intune service, encompassing all the capabilities of Intune Plan 2 along with Remote Help and advanced endpoint analytics. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security for co-managed devices. Advanced endpoint analytics enable IT administrators to comprehend and enhance end-user experience. Endpoint Privilege Management supports Zero Trust by providing users with minimal permissions. Remote Help offers secure helpdesk connections. Additionally, from Intune Plan 2, there are extra features like Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management and Specialized Device Management for unique devices.
Microsoft Intune Remote Help
€ 3.30 € 2.87 2.87 EUR
Microsoft Intune Remote Help allows you to provide secure and efficient helpdesk assistance to your Windows users and devices. It enables you to remotely connect to the user’s device and view or control its screen, with the user’s consent. It also enforces strong authentication and security policies for both the helper and the sharer, such as conditional access and multifactor authentication.
Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management
€ 2.80 € 2.44 2.44 EUR
With Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management, you manage rights of Windows users and devices. Work as a standard user without administrative rights, yet perform tasks requiring elevated privileges. Reduce attack surface and enforce minimal necessary rights for maximum data security. Supports Zero Trust and essential tasks without administrative rights. Available as an Intune extension.