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Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery Storage
€ 93.60 € 81.43
With Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery Storage, you get additional storage space for non-Office 365 content in Advanced eDiscovery. Enhance your data analysis capabilities and discover new insights with this expansion.
Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention
€ 2.80 € 2.44
Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention prevents employees from sharing sensitive information or confidential data in emails and files with unauthorized individuals. It provides an effective security solution for safeguarding business data.
Microsoft Office 365 Extra File Storage 1GB
€ 0.19 € 0.16
With Office 365 Extra File Storage 1GB, you can expand your storage space. With this subscription, you will receive an additional 1 GB of storage space. You can use this extra space to store files, documents, and other data. With Office 365 Extra File Storage 1GB, you don't have to worry about running out of storage space because you can easily increase it.
Microsoft Stream Plan 2 for Office 365 Add-On
€ 1.87 € 1.63
Expand the capabilities of Office 365 with Microsoft Stream Plan 2. Discover the power of Stream Plan 2 with video uploading, automatic transcriptions, in-video face recognition, and timeline. Available as an add-on for Office 365 F3, E1, and E3 subscriptions and included in Office 365 E5.
Microsoft Stream Storage Add-On (500 GB)
€ 93.60 € 81.43
Expand your video storage with the 500 GB Stream Storage Add-On. Effortlessly store, organize, and share all your valuable video content. Enhance productivity and collaboration within your team with this convenient storage solution. Enjoy advanced streaming and video management features combined with the power of Office 365.